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RiF is based in Lille and has been working on local cultural development, sustaining innovative artistic and cultural projects, and organising events in the Nord-Pas de Calais region since 1990. Over 250 events have been organised, 100 project holders coached and thousands of young talents involved in artistic and cultural activities over the past 20 years.
Our partners come from the public / institutional sector (state and local authorities...), the cultural and social fields and the social economy (venues, cultural organisations, social and youth centers, environmental organisations, training institutes...).
We have been working since 2002 on a cross border project with the belgian Flanders, and since 2005 on various “ROOTS & ROUTES projects alongside partners from many european countries. We also are involved in other international cultural cooperation projects with Morocco.

Full member

A jfc Medienzentrum project

with national and international partners in the framework of the international ROOTS&ROUTES network.

Funded in the framework of the programme „VIELFALT TUT GUT. Youth for Diversity, Tolerance and Democracy" of the German Federal Ministry for Familiy Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

And by the Northrhine-Westfalian youth ministry (MFKJKS NRW)

And by the City of Cologne

Until May 2008, the project was additionally funded by the EU-Programme CULTURE 2000