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ABi Associates

ABi Associates has over fifteen years of experience in supporting and nurturing free lance and self employed individuals in the creative sectors. The Company has developed groundbreaking projects such as Working Broadband UK (supporting individuals and businesses to take advantage of the new and emerging technology), Bollywood Brent (encouraging self employment and micro supply chain development in the entertainment and film sectors), Diversity Production Network (supporting diverse and entrepreneurial talent in maximising their potential both economically and creativity) and enterprise element of the Creative Grid for London (bringing together the strategic pan London partnership between major private sector companies and leading organisations working to deliver an integrated programme to simultaneously advance London’s creative economy and promote enterprise and social inclusion).

ABi has a music studio, a multi-media suite, training facilities from its historic 200+ year old building in West London

Supporting Member

A jfc Medienzentrum project

with national and international partners in the framework of the international ROOTS&ROUTES network.

Funded in the framework of the programme „VIELFALT TUT GUT. Youth for Diversity, Tolerance and Democracy" of the German Federal Ministry for Familiy Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

And by the Northrhine-Westfalian youth ministry (MFKJKS NRW)

And by the City of Cologne

Until May 2008, the project was additionally funded by the EU-Programme CULTURE 2000