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Roots&Routes goes XXL
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RiF organise since 2005 the festival “Cultures Equitables”. This event associates concerts, civil village, fair trade market, animations for children, etc.

This year it’s also the lille3000 event. This is an artistic biennale.
This year the thema is “Europe XXL” : “We imagined Europe XXL in terms of a journey of discovery through a new continent, a voyage through a Europe transfigured 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

Cultures Equitables takes place during the midi-midi budapest-bucharest.

With all this events around, we decided to set up a Roots&Routes project, with an original performance with musicians from Hungary, Rumania, Belgium and France.


22.06.2009 - 27.06.2009


Parc JB Lebas

Contact person: Benoit > France


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Participants | Roots&Routes goes XXL



Vinsou 3000

Vinsou 3000

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Roots&Routes goes XXL

Roots&Routes goes XXL

Pictures by
Benoit > France




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