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HipHop-Camp Cologne 2003
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The international HipHop Summer Camp The Flow of Victory brought together 42 people from Cologne Nippes, Stockholm and Barcelona from August 9th to 16th. At Cologne and Adenau everybody was creating HipHop tracks, video clips, graffiti, pics, moves and choreos like 24/7.

The Flow of Victory was funded by the EU programme YOUTH, the city of Cologne and the Federal German Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


09.08.2003 - 16.08.2003



Contact person: Miss Putnam > Germany


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The Flow of Victory - Documentary

The Flow of Victory - Docu​…

Video by
HipHopCamp2003 > jfc > Germany
Cross (Around the World)

Cross (Around the World)

Video by
HipHopCamp2003 > jfc > Germany




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