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Anti-racist day festival
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During the Anti-racist day festival Hungarian U-CARE Peer Coaches presented the results of various artistic activities to a broad public:

- Discrimination at the end of the lenses: a photo competition and exhibition on the topic “diversity” with a jury composed of professional photographers and diversity experts

- Sympathetic?: a media installation about stereotypes and their mechanisms

- Eszterlánc: a video project about the stories of four Roma women living in Sajókaza, a typical village with high rate of poverty. Their ways to change their fate are different. The four episodes are reflecting on many issues and questions about the relation between majority and minority

- EgyeNIƐ: a movie about women's equality showing different women, their daily lives, problems, views and thoughts about modern gender roles

- Song-óra: a music event created by 17 participants, facilitated by a U-CARE Peer Coach. The artistic approach was similar to the existing human feeling of empathy.

- Concert of the Krisztián Oláh Trió & Colour Art Ensemble: Krisztián Oláh and his friends were students at the Béla Bartók Musical School. Their style of jazz met classical music played by the CAE. The mixture of the two types of music styles was a symbol of a society
characterized by diversity.

- Ruins: a monodrama reflecting the tragedy of Roma people who became victims of racism.

- M.E.S.É.T. – tell a story and pass it over: Three young fashion designers were reflecting on the topic of tolerance.


21.03.2014 - 21.03.2014


“400 Bar”, “Central Passage”, “Gödör Club”, “RoHAM Bar”, “Spinoza Club” in Budapest/

Contact person: Akos > Hungary


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