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IDEA Paris 2013 - Young Idea


The IDEA calls for a participation. If you're interested, check it out!

Call for a participation

WHAT ? Two weeks of intercultural workshops and an active involvement in the IDEA Paris 2013 International Congress.

WHEN ? From June 24th to July 13th, 2013.


Young people from 18 to 30 from all six continents, four from each country, with some experience as practitioners in Drama/Theatre and as workshop leaders for children or teenagers. Each participant will be able to communicate in two different languages, including at least one of the official languages of IDEA : Spanish, French and English.


- To challenge, through active methods, the aesthetics and teaching practices from different contexts
- To confront experiences in the field of knowledge sharing and disseminating of good practices
- To celebrate the role of education in Drama/Theatre as a tool for transformation and empowerment
- To develop local experiences, to create perennial networks of exchanges between practitioners and collect more practical material and thoughts on the subject of interculturality.


1. The four participants from each country will have to form a group. Before the workshop, they will prepare a short text- / theme-/ or visual work-based production. This material will be sent to them beforehand. They will then present their work during the first days of the workshop. This shortproduction will have to highlight an aesthetical and a dramaturgic commitment which will be used as acore material for the workshop's artistic and pedagogic collaboration.
2. During the two weeks of collaboration, the workshops will be run in turn by all the participants, and supervised by the coordinators. The workshop leaders will then be able to share their technical and educational approaches and unfold their artistic practices to their workshop partners.
3. At the congress, the participants will present a final production in a form of their choosing that will pay tribute to the questions generated by this cultural, aesthetic and educational encounter.
4. The whole process will be followed by a team made up of young artists and researchers who will takepart in this final production, thus generating a reflexive and multi-disciplinary perspective on th workshop.

Deadline for applications: November 30th, 2012

For more information and details on applications, please, get in touch with: or .
by Jeannette > jfc > Germany



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