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Steps Ahead Workshopweekend

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Steps Ahead is a new Roots&Routes project in Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy and The Netherlands and is the follow up to the R&R Academy. Steps Ahead educate young dancers, media makers and musicians in becoming professional workshop teachers. The main focus is business, marketing and project management skills. But also teaching skills and personal development are a part of the Steps Ahead project.

The end of May was the first workshop weekend in Grounds. The weekend started with a warming up by one of the participants Jeremiah with a Spoken Word exercise. This was quite a brainteaser. After the warming up different guest teachers such as musician Alvin Lewis and filmdirector Peggy van Steenvoorden shared their experiences. The participants received all kinds of tools and inspiration, varying from peaceful Aikido tricks to advice about working with groups and writing a business plan. All guest teachers had the same message: Make choices and be yourself.

R&R helps these youngsters to make Steps Ahead, not only as workshop teacher, but also in achieving their dreams. In July there will be an intensive 8-day training, which will be continued with the participants giving workshops themselves.

What seemed to be simple game of “thumb wrestling” appears to be good method for working with groups. Aikido teacher Jan van Buren explained afterwards how he uses this method to motivate participants, to communicate and to take away possible resistance.
by Jade > Netherlands



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