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R2E / Short report of the training

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R2E / Short report of the trainingThe Routes to Employment training took place in Rotterdam from 14 till July 23rd.
15 Participants from the disciplines music, dance and media attended several workshops of various guest lecturers. Topics like Leadership, coaching sessions, financial issues, negotiating, Shark Tank pitch (present your product for a jury), entrepreneurial skills were discussed.

During the training we focus on the business side (eg. Quotations, contracts, copyrights, finance). But also the artistic development (what is your dream and long-term plan, presenting yourself as an artist, how do you develop an artistic concept) and PR & Marketing (how to reach your target group, how do you promote yourself, network building) are discussed.

Here below a brief summary of a couple workshops:

The network workshop was given by’ Projectbureau 014’, Michel Jansen. The first round of the workshop was focused on three personal aspect as who are you, what are you doing and why are you doing this? The question asked were “who or what do you need? Round 2 was about giving feedback, but also making connection within the group. If you tell the group what you need, maybe there's someone who can help you.

Glow in the Dark – masterclass dj’s
The dj-formation consists of Albert and Kevin, graduated from Albeda Musician/Producer training. Nowadays they are flying all over the world like Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and work with big names such as David Guetta. The boys talked about their experiences; shown their movies and let the participants hear their music. They are open for cooperation and gave their email address to the participants.

The program Firestarter was a collaboration with Renee Tijsselaar of the HipHopHuis. Entrepreneurs of the HipHopHuis came together with the participants of Routes to Employment. The participants were given a tour by a programmer in the New Luxor Theatre. The guest lecturers were given by photographer Stacii Samidin, stand-up comedian Jandino, Aruna one of the founders of Hiphophuis , rapper Blaxtar and many more.

Sharktank pitch
During the second week of the training the participants were preparing their Sharktank pitch. This was one of the tasks the participants received on the first day of the training. All the workshops, guest lecturers can be used as inspiration to complete the presentation. Malumba (actor, coach, theatre) was invited to give the participants feedback as preparation for their pitch. Malumba gave the participants a lot practical advice; make sure your pitch has a beginning, middle and an end. Make the product a part of yourself. If you are a dancer then the public would like to you see as a dancer. You should also appear as a dancer, if you want the audience to really believe it. If you're a photographer, you present in pictures.

Jette Schneider from SMART - about financies
SMART is recently founded in the Netherlands and operates in eight countries. The mission of Smart is to improve the working conditions of artists and creatives. They do this through administrative and financial assistance, business counseling, legal assistance, studies on the creative industries, education and scholarships. During the presentation Jette expands on the rights and obligations of entrepreneurs in the creative sector. There is a SMART tool developed where you can keep track of everything, as your earnings, availability, payment, insurance etc.
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