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ROOTS en ROUTES Summerscool

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Rotterdam, 03.02.2016

ROOTS en ROUTES SummerscoolThe 8th edition of Roots and Routes Summer Cool took place last summer and we can look back on a highly successful edition . The 40 young musicians, dancers and media creators have worked hard for it and you good clearly see it. Led by several familiar names, they have managed to put down a true spectacle . Did you miss it or you just want to relive this amazing night? Just take a look at the videos on our youtube channel:
by Ana > Netherlands



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Gate 9 trailer

Gate 9 trailer

by Tuebchen > Cologne > Germany

R&R TV editor Tuba and R&R Media talent Thomas are now part of the editoral department "Gate 9" at the international up and coming film festival Hannover 2007. There they are presenting the young film makers and the jury, doing c...

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ROOTS&ROUTES TV - ready to go!

ROOTS&ROUTES TV - ready to go!

by Aileen > Germany

The ROOTS&ROUTES TV public beta phase has started! On November 28th, 2007, we will officially launch the site. Until then you have to enter to access the site.


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