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Positive advice cultural plan 2017-2020

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Positive advice cultural plan 2017-2020Roots & Routes has received a positive advice, from the RRKC, for the Rotterdam Cultural Plan 2017-2020. The Council advises positively on the annual Summerscool and various presentations in the city: the city as a stage with many places for presentations. Since the inception 10 years ago, Summerscool still proves her strength as a unique activity in Rotterdam and beyond, with participants coming from far and wide: from Sneek and Nijmegen to Larissa -Greece and Barcelona -Spain.

The council is very keen on the international activities of R&R and they see this as a significant added value for the city of Rotterdam and Rotterdams young talent. With Routes To Employment and Next Generation Speaks R&R currently organizes leading exchanges in Europe and beyond. Although the recommended amount is less than requested, we are pleased with the good news. After four years of absence R&R returns in the Cultural Plan of Rotterdam and we consider this as an advance towards nicer (international) activities and collaborations in the future.
by Jade > Netherlands



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Gate 9 trailer

Gate 9 trailer

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R&R TV editor Tuba and R&R Media talent Thomas are now part of the editoral department "Gate 9" at the international up and coming film festival Hannover 2007. There they are presenting the young film makers and the jury, doing c...

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ROOTS&ROUTES TV - ready to go!

ROOTS&ROUTES TV - ready to go!

by Aileen > Germany

The ROOTS&ROUTES TV public beta phase has started! On November 28th, 2007, we will officially launch the site. Until then you have to enter to access the site.


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