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Talking heArts @ Activity in Budapest

Also available in: Hungarian | English

Talking hearts is a youth initiative funded by the Youth in Action programme of the European Union and coordinated by Subjective Values Foundation (Budapest, Hungary) in partnership with Associazione culturale Fabbrica Europa (Firenze, Italy), EuroEst Foundation (Bucharest, Romania) and University of Barcelona - LMI (Spain).

This project mixes visuals, music and movement. Here you can see the pictures about our first residency in Florence and our first show at the Fabbrica Europa Festival.

Photos by Dawris Polonia és Luis Oscar Mendez
by Anna Kudron > Hungary
Szusy > Hungary
Oglinda Elena > Romania
Akos > Hungary
Aron Farkas > Hungary
Anna Kudron > Hungary
Endre > Hungary
quasi > Spain
Irene iApSoul > Spain
Marina > Italy
Dawris > Spain
Lorenzo > Italy
Iulia > Romania
jeromelithiaote > Hungary


| Talking heArts


| Talking heArts @ Activity in Budapest


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