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Krazy-E, better known as Eric Kabongo, was born on 21 May 1984 in Kinshasa.
At the age of 6 - he can barely read and write - he touches people with his own version of existing gospel songs. With his family he performs in church communities in Congo.

Eric was 14 when he moved to Belgium, together with his mother, brothers and sister.

In Belgium he got to know the hip hop culture, and more specifically ‘rap’. He’s a teenager who loves to hang around with friends and especially to entertain them with stories and jokes.

The hip hop vibe strikes and he begins to memorize rap lyrics. His audience: his friends on the street. However, he wants to push out his frontiers and he wants to do his own thing for the public. The daily life and the media are the main themes in his work.

His rhymes are mainly in French, but sometimes his inspiration flows in English.
His style has different influences and that’s why it has got a unique sound.
His stage name Krazy-E was created by his entourage, because of his crazy flow and energetic live performances. He chooses to write Krazy with a "K" to keep the initials of his family name.

With his first demo album "Renaissance" in 2005 Krazy-E ends up in the selection of the provincial talent contest West Talent, as the only rapper of all bands. He convinces the jury and got a place in the semi finals.

In 2007 he released his single and video clip "U Know Wut's Up?". The song is a success and is broadcast on TMF. Local stations also discover his music. Eric also performed in secondary schools in the framework of TMF-Stress Factor with his homeboys Triple-G.
His video is also used for projects and campaigns of various organizations.

After "U Know Wut's Up?" Krazy-E decides to set up his own production label. In addition to that, his studio is also available for clients.

Not long ago Krazy-E performed in France. He is a guest artist at festivals and cultural centers in the framework of the European project 'Routes and Roots ". He’s also guest at the Band of the Royal Navy, during benefit concerts in the Kursaal-Ostend and in cultural center-Hasselt, led by Officer Kapellmeister Matty Cilissen.

He is also seen in the theatrical production "Festen" with the theatergroup "De Schietspoele" directed by Jan Vanaudenaerde. Krazy-E plays an important role in the video production "What if color’s stopping you?" of the organization Minderheden (Minorities) Forum.

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Nagy Reka

Nagy Reka

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New MC KiKo T-Shirts!

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Krazy-E & Sergent @ Urban Connexion

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