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I currently work as a VJ, web designer, illustrator, a video tutor at the University of Barcelona, video art coach and interactive media developer. I began my career with a love of art and drawing but quickly became interested in digital formats.

Without formal education, I have managed to train myself to an advanced level in all of the above areas.

Now my skills are highly sought after by a number of recognized institutions and people. Thanks to my involvement in various non formal eduction projects such as Roots & Routes and Eclectica DV, I have acquired great experience in different artistic fields and in event production. I'm also part of the Art'n'Go coordination where I'm directing one of the performances.

I may have gained my skills from my life experience but this has lead me to be able to teach others about the things I'm passionate about. Nobody could ask for more than that from a career.

Final Conference Follow Up Barcelona

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Final Conference Follow Up BarcelonaBarcelona, 23rd Sept, 2011

'Non-formal and informal artistic education in Europe. Music, media, dance.'

During this final conference, the main results of the Follow Up project will be presented to local stakeholders, who did not take part in the project's primary activities. Scholars, art school directors, social educators and artists will exchange experiences and ideas with the Follow Up participants.

The conference will end with a performance and a ceremony issuing the 'ROOTS & ROUTES' certificate to young talents who took part in the Creative Residence in Barcelona last May.

Venue: Sala de Graus de la Facultad de Formación del Profesorado, Campus Mundet, Universidad de Barcelona

Conference Programme: Follow Up Final Conference
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