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Palazzina Ex Fila, 14.10.2008

R&R E_MAZEOn Sunday, October 19, Fabbrica Europa promotes a new step in the collaboration and exchange between talents from Italy and the other R&R partner countries. After the international events in May in Florence, in Cologne in July and in Barcelona in September, the results of a new creative workshop will be shown to the public in a unique site specific event, designed for the former factory Exfila_Metropolitan Connections where the music workshops of Roots&Routes A_Maze were held in May: Roots&Routes E_Maze.

This electronic maze is being designed by the media group of R&R Italy, Pamela Barberi, Martin Foglia, Olga Pavlenko and Gianluca Saporito coordinated by Francesco Ritondale and Lorenzo Ciacciavicca, with the live participation of Ruben Vandendriessche (Belgium/Spain) and with original video materials provided by Viktor Kiss (Hungary), Juliana Maruri (Colombia/Spain) and Francesca Svampa (Italy/Spain).

Within the E_Maze, the young dance talents of Opus Ballet hip hop course, Karen Albonetti, Jilien Azilazien, Filippo Carli, Nicola Cisternino, Martina Giordano, Marion Léger, Jean Gabriel Maury, Lucrezia Palandri, Beatrice Ragni, Rebecca Turini / Realz, coordinated by Lisa Brasile, will invite the public to follow them along routes of sound and movement linking past and present, from the graffiti on the outside wall to the ancient cloister, in reciprocal dialogue with the live music set coordinated by Alessandro Di Puccio and Gianfranco Narracci/ Medilatina. The event will be concluded by Musipolitana orchestra in concert

All parts of the event will be recorded and mixed live with the original materials provided by the media talents. The results will be available within a few days on and .eu. Furthermore, on October 26 - a night dedicated to R&R - they will be shown within the 4-day programme of selected videos that Fabbrica Europa presents at the Creativity Festival in Florence in collaboration with Mediateca Regionale Toscana.
by Lorenzo > Italy
Rebecca_Realz > Italy
quasi > Spain
Marina > Italy
Martina > Italy
Juliana > Spain
Christophe > Spain
Filippo > Italy
Gianluca > Italy
Karen > Italy



Lorenzo 18.10.2008 - 17:52
Come when you want! Tonight general rehersal, tomorrow show, monday-tuesday videos on internet, we did a great video job!
Aileen 14.10.2008 - 15:49
I want to go to Italy! :)

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