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Hey everyone! This is 09:22 of the 18th of July 2008. I just wish we all have a great show at GLORIA and how about reaching the cookie today ?! I am going to be late at the FINAL(at last) MEETING, so THANX to everyone for beeing so cool !GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY ! _______________________________IMPORTANT_!_________________________I've uploaded tracks from the Gloria performance in my myspace account. If any of the people involved think i shouldn't do that, please let me know. Thanks_____UPDATE_____(29-07-09) Hello,my name is Stefanos Pallas, i am a young and aspiring (at least that's what i like to think ;) ) drummer.Here are a few things about me. I had my first contact with music at the age of 10, when i started out, playing trumpet in a marching band. Not much later, entering the Music Highschool of Corfu ,i took up drumset lessons with mr. Michalis Theodoru. A few years later,i met my next teacher, mr.Giorgos Andriotis , drummer of the famous greek band 2002GR and session drummer for national artists. Currently a student of Agricultural Engineering at Technological Educational Institute of Larissa, now renamed to "Biosystems Engineering" or something similar.) People i play with : Chris Papoulakos' Big Band in Larissa and some of his other projects | Director's Cat , a pop-rock band, | Christos Gortsos band, greek rock music and occasionally jamming with local cats . I was in Roots and Routes Experience project in Germany ,summer of 2008. Stage Manager for The European Music Festival in Larissa,in June 21,22,23 . Participated in RnR Experience '09,Rotterdam and looking forward to play again with you ,RnR people. : )

<img src="video_/1380_1316797978_b.png" alt="Reality in Disguise Trailer">

Reality in Disguise Trailer

Also available in: Castilian | English

Oficial trailer done with the footage of our show at Fabbrica Europa.
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