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Philipp Straus

2005-2008 Specialist Baccalaureate IGS Gesamtschule Cologne-Holweide
From 2009 to Study Songwriting at the German pop Cologne Academy Cologne

August 2008-February 2009 training for intercultural mediation in Caritasverband Cologne

1994 - Today, piano and keyboard lessons at the Rheinische Musikschule Cologne

Educational Experience:
from 2008 lecturer in rap / vocal at the open jazz house school Cologne
domestic and foreign various projects e.g. Roots & Routes

Youth workers in various youth centers in Cologne

There's not much to say. I am a very
open and spontaneous person with Roma roots. There is no music that I would not try, I make clear Hip-Hop and R&B in the foreground, but I always want also to try and mix more musicstyles together. Music dominates my life, because without MUSIC I would not be the one who I am today.

<img src="video_/1287_1312625612_b.png" alt="My World in Harrow, London">

My World in Harrow, London

* Please excuse the bad sound recordings. We are making efforts to make it better. Thank you.

My World – Your Eyes – Our Reality.

Do you think you control your own destiny?

Ever wondered how subliminal messages affect your behaviour?
Welcome to My World: a glimpse into our reality of answers to questions you never asked.

concept Kim Kovin, Philipp Straus, Ava Barnett, Saira Awan
direction Kim Kovin, Ava Barnett, Saira Awan, Ferdi Abel, Fathir Ismail
text / lyrics Kim “KiKo” Kovin, Philipp “Phenno” Straus, Ava Barnett, Ferdi Abel, Mehregan Behrouz
choreography Rebecca Turini, Anna Kerényi, Ava Barnett
media Annika Allen, Saira Awan, Fathir Ismail, Viktor Kiss
music Ferdi Abel, Jérôme Li-Thiao-Te, Ava Barnett, Philipp Straus, Kim Kovin, Mehregan Behrouz

on stage
Ava Barnett (Ava B), vocals
Kim Kovin (Mc Kiko), MC
Mehregan Behrouz, vocals
Anna Kerenyi, dancer
Rebecca Turini, dancer
Georgia Copeland, dancer
Jérôme Li-Thiao-Te, violin
Ferdi Abel, bass

artistic advice
Costas Lamproulis, Nabil Ouelhadj, Lorenzo Pallini
by Fathir > Hungary
Anna > Hungary
saira > England
Fathir > Hungary
Pallini > Italy
Nabil > France
Marina > Italy
Costas > Greece
MC KiKo > Sweden
Phenno > Cologne > Germany
Ferdi > Netherlands
Georgia.C > England
Rebecca_Realz > Italy
jeromelithiaote > Hungary
mehregan > Cologne > Germany
Ava > England
quasi > Spain




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