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<img src="video_/1174_1303942277_b.jpg" alt="Braincheck Trailer draft">

Braincheck Trailer draft

Trailer draft of Braincheck, a multimedia performance about deprivation of knowledge and self-protection to still think for yourself, make your own choices and follow your own beliefs.

concept and script Poliana Vieira, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz
direction Poliana Vieira
text / lyrics Poliana Vieira, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz
choreography Moustapha Bellal, Rebecca Turini, Cécile Delobeau, Faisal Hiola, Jacintha Tjon Fon, Irene Alfambra, Nadia Bounenni, Sandra “Psique” Jurado, Derya Kaptan
visuals Mark Pot, Poliana Vieira, Gino Ricardo
music Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz, Ricardo Peys a.k.a. M2TH, Poliana Vieira

on stage (in order of appearance)
Jeremy Moniz, (doctor Hollow on the video), piano live
Derya Kaptan, dancer
Poliana Vieira, vocals
Rebecca “Realz” Turini, dancer
Irene Alfambra, dancer
Sandra “Psique” Jurado, dancer
Moustapha “Mousstik” Bellal, dancer
Cécile Delobeau, dancer
Faisal Hiola, dancer
Jacintha Tjon Fon, dancer
Nadia Bounenni, dancer

media Fathir Ismail
sound Adrian Newgent, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz

artistic advice
Costas Lamproulis, Nabil Ouelhadj, Lorenzo Pallini
by Poliana > Netherlands
Jacintha > Netherlands
F.A.I.S > Netherlands
Mousstik > France
Irene iApSoul > Spain
Rebecca_Realz > Italy
Fathir > Hungary
Derya K > Cologne > Germany
Nadia > Greece
Marina > Italy
Costas > Greece
Nabil > France
Pallini > Italy





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Christina 06.07.2011 - 13:42
Nice work :)
Poliana 28.04.2011 - 00:49
done. :)
Marina 28.04.2011 - 00:20
Poliana, please tick "show in all countries" otherwise the trailer is visible only in the Netherlands!

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