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Film For Your Rights
Also available in: English | Castilian

Two weeks international campus with workshops, exchange of good practices and the production of a short movie.
Discuss, join, be creative and get the chance to express your personal opinion and experience about the crisis in Europe:

From July 14th to 28rd, the project Film for your Rights is gathering together 25 young inhabitants of 5 different European countries in the Spanish countryside.

The place of the residency is Borgonyà an old industrial colony. The factory stopped working when the textile industry left Spain. The village is surrounded by nature. This and the fact that it was a Scottish colony (with Scottish houses) gives it a particular and unique atmosphere for using that village as film set.

(Media) artists from across Europe are invited to create an innovative and artistic media production. A international production crew from France, Germany, Romania, Italy and Spain will develop a short movie on the topic of the European crisis - One short movie filmed from the point of view of the participants. Although being from different parts of Europe, all share a similar reality. The crisis that is hitting Europe is only reinforcing this...

On July 27th / 20:00 the Pre-Premiere will be presented to the public at El teatre de Borgonyà.

The official premiere of the movie will be presented on September 16th in the framwork of the debate circle Europa y la crisis - ¿Una crisis de Europa? at Goethe Institution Barcelona: and with the support of the German Consulate.


10.06.2013 - 30.09.2013

Contact person: cilia > Spain


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Film for your Rights is funded by the EU programme Youth in Action with the support of the German Consulate and the Goethe Institution Barcelona.

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