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Integration program
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Roots&Routes program has more sides. One of them is the so-called Roots&Routes Integration Project which provides workshops for young expat urban music, dance and media talents living in Hungary and coming from outside the European Union.

Besides training courses, live stage shows and artistic development, this project offers mentoring programs for those talents who already participated in previous Roots&Routes programs (R&R Academy) and who have the ambition to optimize their coaching skills and/or to work as a professional art coach of other talents. These parts create a good occasion for meet people from all over the world, learn about their cultural background, help their integration process in Hungary, exchange experiences and build networks based on practical knowledge.

Our courses are creative workshops, where the candidates can experiment with their artistic imagination together with other participants. They can prepare theatrical productions under the operative conduct of Hungarian artists and experts participating in the program. It is very important part of the program to make videos, to record the shows and to develop the virtual profile of the participants.


01.02.2010 - 28.02.2011

Contact person: Akos > Hungary


| Hungary

Completed activities

R&R Summer Scool 2010. Hungary

R&R Summer Scool 2010. Hungary

Spain | Greece | Italy

21.06.2010 - 04.07.2010

Thirty new talents, all living in Hungary are introducing themself during the two week masterclass. They are prepearing all different kind of productions for a performance, that will take place at VOLT and Sziget Festival, 2010. T...


International R&R Academy Budapest

International R&R Academy Budapest

Germany | England | France | Netherlands | Sweden | Spain | Greece | Italy | Hungary

20.02.2010 - 28.02.2010

30 young talents from Hungary, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, all enrolled in the R&R Peer Coach Academy, came together in February 2010 in Budapest for international Academy sessions and to create a live show. That ...


<img src="video_/934_1278336091_b.jpg" alt="&quot;Singing&quot; (Extended Version)">

"Singing" (Extended Version)

Made for Roots & Routes Hungary during the Summer Camp 2010, showcasing brillant new talents showing what they do best, being an artist of their own kind.

This music video is inspired by their motivation and spirit in giving their very best on their respective talents and creativity.

It was officially shown in Godor Klub and Volt Festival.

Music arranged by: Pixa
Directed and Edited by: Fathir Ismail

This video can also be viewed in Youtube via the following link:
by Fathir > Hungary
B.Sanyi > Hungary
Izsak > Hungary
Wera > Hungary
RomUngro_Peter > Hungary
Nagy Reka > Hungary
Reka > Hungary
Sz. Mate > Hungary
Kata > Hungary
Fathir > Hungary
Pablo > Hungary


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music clip

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